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5 Reasons To Watch Emmerdale Next Week

Here's 5 reasons you should watch Emmerdale next week...

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1) Guilty or Noah Guilty!

It's Noah's court date and Charity is having some serious doubts...

Things don't get better after Noah tells her he wants to plead not guilty.

Charity tries her best to convince him to make the right decision.

But will he take her advice?

2) Have A Little Faith In Faith

Chas nearly catches Faith out when she sees her reading a letter from the hospital...

Moira, yet again, tries to convince Faith to tell Cain and Chas about her cancer.

She fears Cain is going to lose his temper when he finds out she kept it from him.

Faith eventually tells Moira to go home and she will contact her when the op is over.But she soon regrets that decision when she takes a funny turn.

3) Vanessa Has Doubts

Vanessa unloads her relationship troubles onto Mary...

Her theories soon become a reality...

Suzy decides Vanessa is better off without her.

Vanessa pleads with her to not give up. But will she change her mind?

4) Cathy Catches Amelia

Cathy catches Amelia with a suspicious bottle.

She googles the contents but finds ads selling Apremine.

Amelia attempts to distract her as she knows the substance isn't any good for her!

Is she heading down a dangerous path?

5) Vinny Finds A Van

Vinny finds Sam an old caravan to renovate.

He intends to create Lydia's dream motorhome!

But will she appreciate Sam's gesture?

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Weekday evenings