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Coming up in the Village...

Next week: Noah and Mack find Samson, but what state is he in? Also: Bob picks a fight with Bernice and Al continues to pursue Chas.

The Search Continues.

Noah and Mack search the woods for Samson and it's not long until Noah spots something buried in the leaves...

Will Samson be okay?

Bob Vs Bernice

The village clean up continues.

But Bernice is being a little too bossy for Bob's liking.

Can he knock her down a peg or two?

The Lies Continue!

Al does everything he can to slow Kerry's plans down.

While he tells Chas they will run away together.

But Aaron is doing everything he can to make sure it's over...

Mack's On Edge

Mack isn't happy when he sees Chloe talking to Charity.

He thinks the worst is going to happen and his relationship will be over.

Will Charity find out?

Don't Go Chloe!

Kerry is left worried about Chloe after she decides to move out.

So she tries to convince her to stay.

But can she say enough?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings