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Next Week In The Village

Coming up: Marlon returns home! Also: Noah is up to something and Billy gets attacked.

Marlon Comes Home!

Marlon finally arrives back where he belongs.

With his family and friends!

Rhona is chuffed to bits to have him back home.

And Marlon is equally happy to have Rhona by his side.

No Noah!

All is going well between Chloe and Noah.

But as soon as Chloe is distracted, Noah grabs her phone

What is his plan?

Billy Gets Attacked

Billy lies bruised in hospital after being attacked.

He's adamant that the attack was racially influenced.

Will and Dawn try to reassure him that justice will prevail, but Billy isn't so sure.

Ethan Meets Jordan

Ethan's new client Jordan gets arrested on an assault charge.

Ethan is determined to do a good job and help Jordan.

But becomes disgruntled when he isn't allowed to talk to his client in full...

So Close, Yet So Far

After seeing how Jai behaves at the protest, Laurel decides to take him back. Which leaves Jai over the moon!

But it soon turns sour when Laurel finds drugs in Priya's office and immediately presumes they are Jai's.

He denies knowing anything about them!

But after Rishi tells Laurel about Jai's near relapse the other week, her anger comes to the boil and she can't trust him anymore.


Kerry talks to Amelia about the pictures on her profile.

She's worried about the use of filters and editing.

Has she got something deeper to be concerned about?

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Weekday evenings