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Next week: Amelia is caught red-handed, Chas and Al have a close call and Mandy is onto Sandra!

Caught Red Handed

Amelia sneaks into Home Farm to try and steal another visiting order.

But she's caught in the act!

Gabby and Kim march her down to tell Dan. How will they take the news?

Close Call...

Chas and Al book into another hotel.

Just as they're leaving Al ushers Chas out the way when he sees Kerry.

Chas and Al are becoming a little careless! Especially after Al flirts with Chas and doesn't notice Kerry standing behind him...

She's Onto You!

After some money goes missing out of the tip jar Mandy suspects it might be Sandra.

Knowing Mandy is onto her, Sandra makes a point of putting money into the jar.

Mandy isn't buying it, but she does buy a camera! Will she catch Sandra?

Shocking News For Charity

Charity isn't happy when she finds out Amelia has been seeing Noah while she hasn't. She's also shocked to learn he's getting out soon...

After Noah does get out, he finds it hard to adjust back into the village.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings