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Next week: Al and Chas's affair continues, Nicola has a crash and Mary jumps the gun!

Al And Chas In The Woods

Al and Chas's affair continues.

A heated, private conversation about Faith turns into a heated, passionate kiss in the woods!

But things take a turn for the worse.

Faith has a funny turn in the woods, while Chas is with Al.

And Chas is riddled with guilt.

So much so, she decides to throw a big knees up for Paddy's birthday...

Will Chas be able to look past the overwhelming guilt that is consuming her?

Nicola's School Run

Nicola isn't happy when she realises she has to do the school run...

She eventually plucks up the courage to leave the house and get into the car.

But she becomes distracted by her anxiety.

And crashes into a passing David in his Van.

Mary Jumps The Gun!

Rhona is shocked and annoyed with the news her mum has for her.

Mary has decided to book a date for their wedding without telling her!

Will Rhona be able to get everything ready in time?

Faith Works Her Charm

Bear tells Faith how worried Chas is about her drinking.

But Faith doesn't listen and easily sways bear to buy her some alcohol.

Let's hope Chas doesn't find out!

Ethan Isn't Happy!

Ethan lashes out at his dad for not giving him and Marcus enough space.

Leaving Charles shocked by the anger from his son!


Leyla is getting fed up with Liam's baby making plans.

Billy is knocked back when he finds out Dawn isn't ready for kids.

Laurel has a chat with a flirty Kit.

And Nicola's anxiety and paranoia hits a new level.

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Weekday evenings