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Next week: Vanessa leaves the village. Also: Matty is on a mission and Bernice gets some news.

Goodbye Vanessa!

Vanessa gets the offer of a lifetime and heads out of the village.

All her friends come to say goodbye.

And wave her off!

But she doesn't leave without one last bust up.

Matty On A Mission

Matty isn't satisfied with what Chloe is saying about his mum and wants answers...

In his mission for answers, Cain doesn't set his mind at ease either.

Bernice's Story

Bernice hasn't been herself recently. Especially after soaking a new potential client!

Gabby goes to see her and finds her making a list of symptoms...

Bernice decides to get herself checked up on and she is shocked at the results.

Chloe's Secret Is Out

Chloe and friends sit outside the cafe having a typical natter.

Until Chloe throws down the news she's pregnant to them all!

Mack's Secret!

Sarah is excited to start the wedding planning, but Mack has other things on his mind...

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings