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Coming Up In Emmerdale!

Next Week: Meena's trial is getting closer and she's busy preparing! Also: Nate and Chloe get cosy and there's a shocking surprise for Gabby at the christening.

Meena Prepares!

Meena is thrilled to find out the ring is inadmissible and now believes she has a good chance of getting away with her crimes...

She's ready and waiting for the trial to begin.

What has she got planned?

One Night Stand

Nate and Chloe get cosy in the pub!

Things heat up and Chloe ends up spending the night.

Nate regrets it the next morning but Chloe wants to pursue the relationship.

What's next for the pair?

The Christening

Kim’s enraged to hear that Millie’s too poorly to attend the christening and she isn't having any of it...

And when the final day does arrive, Gabby is in for a shock.

What could it be?


Al uses Belle's ideas as his own.

Manpreet turns to Ethan for help.

And Vanessa bumps into a familiar face in the pub.

Hopefully this time she wont nearly run her over!

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings