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Next Week: Mack confesses to Nate, while Nate ends it with Naomi and Sandra's evil plan takes a turn for the worse.

Mack's Confession

Nate is shaken when Mack reveals he’s cheated on Charity with someone local.

Later, Naomi pleads with Nate to see the real her, but Nate ends things between them.

Sandra's Plan B

Sandra takes drastic action to try and get Liv's home. But has she gone too far?

Give Peace A Chance

Ethan pleads with Naomi to break the silence between her and Nate.

Nicola's Rage

Seething Nicola berates Charles for siding with Naomi.

When Stunts Go Wrong

With the chameleon returned, Cain and Chas are not happy with Faith's stunt.

Faith's Turn For The Worse

Whilst going over Faith’s wishes, the distress causes a confused Faith to believe Cain is actually Shadrach.

Too Close For Comfort

In a hotel room, Chas hastily retreats when Al confesses his love for her.

Has he ruined his relationship with Chas?


Kim prepares to reconnect with a much-missed Millie but where will this leaves Clemmie?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings