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Next week: The trial commences and Nicola seeks out justice. Also: Chas is on edge about her secret and Cathy and April's plan backfires.

The Trial.

Before the trial commences Manpreet tries to reason with Nicola.

Which obviously doesn't go well.

Has Manpreet made Naomi's situation even worse?

It's now time for Nicola to seek out justice for what happened to her.

Straightaway the drama starts as Naomi is blindsided by Saskia's barrister.

But then, Naomi's barrister runs rings around Nicola for lacking credible evidence.

Later, Naomi takes the stand and erupts with upset and outrage as she comes clean about Saskia’s threats.

Saskia doesn't take it well and also gets upset.

What will the outcome be?

Chas On Edge

Chas is too worried about what Cain has said to Moira when she visited and couldn't help but give her a call...

Can Chas live in fear for much longer?

Cathy's Plan

Cathy has a plan to get April and Arthur together.

But unfortunately it doesn't go the way April hoped.

And results in Arthur storming out of the cafe to do his homework.

Chas Tries To Comfort Kerry

Chas talks to Kerry in the street and tries to comfort her as she's feeling left out of Al's funeral plans...


Kim is over the moon to have all her family back.

And Vinny gets Liv's ashes and has a sudden realisation.

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Weekday evenings