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Here Comes The Groom!

Next week: The big day is finally here for Marlon and Rhona!

The Wedding

At Marlon's impromptu stag do, Marlon attempts to get up, but he falls and Paddy takes him to hospital.

Turns out he's fine, but the doctors can't let him go...

Eventually, he does relax and it's a race to the church!

Paddy pulls it off and gets him to the wedding!

There's only one thing left for Marlon to do.

Gabby And "Chris".

Gabby has a new man upstairs as Laurel turns up to the house. Luckily, Laurel doesn't see who it is, because she might have some questions!

Both Laurel and Gabby are loved up in their new relationships. If only they knew!

Although, eventually Laurel finds out exactly who Gabby's new man is!

Marcus Let The Cat Out Of The Bag.

Marcus is having a private conversation in the cafe.

But he doesn't see that Manpreet is in earshot.

And she hears that Ethan is meeting up with Naomi!

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings