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Hunted star Julie Clegg: 'I was sexually assaulted as a young adult'

When I was 17, it was a family friend that sexually assaulted me. It was a serious sexual assault, in fact I almost died. It was at my home address, round about Christmas time. It was someone who was known to the family, completely unexpected

– TV personality and investigator Julie Clegg

Julie Clegg is used to tracking down criminals and being the top investigator in the hit surveillance TV show 'Hunted'.

In her role as ambassador for Embrace CVOC, today she spoke out for the first time about her own experience as a young victim of a horrific and serious crime, in the hope it will encourage others to do the same.

Use the helplines below to find more information and advice for people affected by rape and sexual abuse.

Police chief speaks of her stalker fears

When the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall found herself being emotionally and physically abused by her boyfriend, she kept it to herself for months - now she's urging other victims not to make the same mistake she did.

Alison Hernandez was assaulted then stalked by her ex-partner when she ended their relationship last year. She said her role made her reluctant to report his abusive behaviour: "My job is to protect the vulnerable, so to present myself as vulnerable to the police was a difficult thing to do."

She also spoke of the impact stalking has on victims: "It does affect you - it affects your everyday life and it affects you psychologically, I think that’s the bit that’s really challenging around stalking as it’s really hard to prove that in a court."

Finally, she advised anyone concerned about stalking to keep a diary and speak out: "It’s really important to keep a diary log - I pretty much handed that over to the police, so it meant they could arrest him quite quickly."

Vince Cable admits he’s been in discussion with Labour leavers for six months

I don’t think we are talking about a joint party but an alliance of some kind

– Leader of the Liberal Democrat party Vince Cable

Vince Cable told Good Morning Britain how he has been talking to some of the Labour MPs who quit for six months, adding they would form an alliance but not a formal party.

He said: “Over the last six months we’ve been talking to some of this group. There is a very clear understanding of the way British politics works. They have had to make a statement about the nature of the Labour party and Corbyn’s leadership. We fully understand that. If there is any sense and I’m sure there will be there is a recognition that we have troops on the ground, we have the best part of 200 councillors, we have 1000,000 member, we have an infrastructure.

“I don’t think we are talking about a joint party but an alliance of some kind working in Parliament and outside."

'The irony isn’t lost' on pregnant ISIS bride pleading to return to UK, says Security Minister

Security Minister Ben Wallace has commented on 19-year-old Shamima Begum’s pleas to return to the UK, four years after she fled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS.

Mr Wallace explained there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in dealing with radicalised teenagers who want to return to the UK, but says ‘actions have consequences’ and people like Ms Begum should expect repercussions if they genuinely want to return to London.

“Not all of them are victims, some of them are. That’s going to be a difficult balance for us to deal with,” he told Good Morning Britain.

“We as a government have been incredibly clear, as have the police, that if you go and fight or support these types of organisations, there are consequences for that.”

“If you come back here, you should expect to be investigated and you should potentially expect to be charged with terrorist offences or other offences."

Family of misdiagnosed cervical cancer patient call for NHS inquiry

The family of NHS nurse Julie O’Connor are fighting for an inquiry into her death, after her cervical cancer was misdiagnosed and not spotted by doctors for years.

Julie allegedly had her initial cervical smear test at Bristol’s Southmead Hospital in September 2014, and the test results came back as negative. Even after six further tests, there were allegedly no signs of cancer.

Kevin O’Connor, Julie’s husband, told Good Morning Britain they believed the original pap smear test was ‘misdiagnosed and mistreated’, and this pushed them to get a second opinion.

“It was unfortunate we had to go to a private consultant to get the cancer diagnosis. We have been campaigning for the last two years for an independent review,” he said.

"We sent the smears and biopsies off for independent analysis. They came back as riddled with cancer cells. It was unreasonable that anybody would have missed it, but the hospital was still in denial."

When they received her cancer diagnosis, Mr O'Connor said they were 'dumb struck'.

Julie passed away on 4th February 2019 at the age of 49.

Three days before her death, she sent a video message to the health officials she had believed failed her and her family.

Lying in her hospice bed, she said: "I think it’s disgusting that my life should have been suffering the way it has and will continue to suffer."

Julie's daughter Sophie told GMB: “My mum, she created a really big legacy in our family. She was never negative about any of this...I promised that I would look after my dad and my brother for her.”

The hospital has admitted to negligence and apologised to the O’Connor family, but Mr O'Connor is campaigning for more to be done.

He told GMB he is concerned other cases of cervical cancer have been missed by the hospital.

“Are there more victims? They need to go back to 2014, are there other victims out there?" he asked.

“This is not about the blame… it’s ensuring there are no more victims out there.

“I’m not angry - that’s not going to help us and not going to help Julie - just frustrated. We would just like an independent public inquiry.”

According to Mr O'Connor, the hospital is allegedly doing a partially independent review and is only covering the investigation itself.

A spokesman for the North Bristol NHS Trust said: “We are committed to understanding the full circumstances of the case we provided so we can improve our services for the future, and we will be publicly open with the overall findings of the independent investigation we have commissioned."