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Best of British: How the country is helping each other through the coronavirus lockdown

After hearing how actor James McAvoy had donated £275,000 for more protective equipment for NHS, Dr Hilary put out a call for everyone in the country to think how they could help people in need.

We have seen so many heartwarming stories of neighbours helping each other with shopping, families taking in elder members, people asking after the vulnerable and a real feeling of togetherness in Britain.

We asked to hear how you have been helping, donating and volunteering throughout the coronavirus lockdown - here are some of the best responses...

Police warned against 'over-zealous' use of coronavirus lockdown powers

The police have been warned not to be 'over zealous' when it comes to enforcing the coronavirus lockdown rules.

The force is facing allegations of overreaching in its use of the lockdown powers including fining people £60 for buying items deemed 'non-essential' or for going out for a drive to kill time.

Amid the criticism, Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Neil Basu says officers should be protecting the public but at the same time not go over the top on social distancing rules.

Mr Basu also urged the public not to judge officers too harshly in their application of the powers.

Government launches £75m airline partnership to get Brits home

The government is working with commercial airlines to get stranded Britons back home as soon as possible.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the government is launching a partnership with commercial airlines to help British travellers return home.

Raab confirmed the government has set aside £75million to get hundreds of thousands of citizens home.

The government will provide the financial support for special charter flights to get British travellers home.

World's oldest man celebrates 112th birthday in isolation

The world's oldest man, Briton Bob Weighton, celebrated his 112th birthday in isolation yesterday.

Bob joined Piers and Lorraine on GMB today via webcam to reveal some of the secrets of living to the grand old age of 112.

The supercentenarian said that, due to being in isolation, there were no major celebrations for his 112th birthday but that is exactly the way he likes it.

When asked what celebrations were held for another milestone birthday Bob said: "Nothing. There were telephone calls from my family, yes. I enjoyed it that way."

#AskDrH: Dr Hilary answers your coronavirus questions

Question 1: Are people leaving it too late to contact 111 if they have symptoms?

Dr. Hilary: "The answer to the question is when you call for further help is, if you're at home with symptoms of a dry new persistent cough and a high temperature for several days you hope within that seven days, or 14 days, if it takes that long that you start to feel much better and the temperature drops. Now, it didn't happen in the Prime Minister's case, he would've started to feel breathless and struggling to breathe and at that point, that's where we're asking people to contact NHS 111 online or call 111 and if necessary, if you're really finding it difficult to cope at home and breathing is becoming a real problem you call 999, that's when you do it."

Question 2: How do you switch off to sleep if you are working on the frontline?

Dr. Hilary: "This is really tough, they're fighting it on the frontline and they're bringing their work home with them and they need to make sense out of what they have seen and experienced during the day. They are emotionally charged as well as physically drained, it's harder for them. They need to remember, if they can, to have a little bit of exercise at the right time of the day to offset those stress hormones, do some meditation, some deep muscular relaxation where you just give yourself time to lie-down relax your muscles, meditate about positive things, keep things in perspective, they will have chronic fatigue as they go through this but they'll come out the other side."

Question 3: "I'm a hay fever sufferer, how am I supposed to tell the difference between coronavirus symptoms or the usual hay fever symptoms?"

Dr. Hilary: "The interesting thing about hay fever is that it doesn't give you a fever, whereas coronavirus often can. One of the cardinal symptoms to look for with coronavirus is a fever over 38 degrees and a dry persistent cough which is new, for you. So if you’ve got those two symptoms you need to self-isolate. Hay fever is coming in now people are getting a bunged up nose, that isn’t a symptom of coronavirus. So if you haven’t got the two cardinal symptoms a cough, which is new and a fever, then you carry on as normal."

Question 4: "Can I still push my neighbour to the local shop in his wheelchair? We live in the same apartment block but not the same household."

Dr. Hilary: "It's close contact of course. We don’t know the reason for the person being in a wheelchair, you have to look at whether he’s in a vulnerable or an at-risk group if he’s not in either of those there is no reason why they can’t go together to the shop. However, if he is one of those groups he should really be getting deliveries brought to him without going to the shop at all."

Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus.

Mr Johnson was tested for Covid-19 today and the result came back positive.

He will self-isolate at 10 Downing Street, however, he will still be in charge of the government's operation to control the spread of the virus.

The 55-year-old is reported to be suffering from 'mild symptoms'.

The Prime Minister announced the news in a video on Twitter - you can watch below.