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Stacey, Joe, Ruth and Eamonn's most hilarious Loose Loved Ones moments

You always have to expect the unexpected when Ruth and Stacey bring Eamonn and Joe to work on Loose Women.

But if there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that they'll have you in stitches with some hilarious debates, discussions and behind the scenes antics.

Here are just a few of the fabulous foursome's most hilarious Loose Loved Ones moments.

Joe and Eamonn's labour ward adventures

During a debate about whether partners are a help or a hindrance during childbirth, Stacey and Ruth shared some very funny stories about Joe's coping strategy and Eamonn's labour ward fame.

Watch the chat in the video above.

Ruth and Eamonn's natural beauty pact

Ruth and Eamonn didn't quite see eye to eye during a discussion about whether or not women can take a compliment without revealing all their beauty secrets.

"I'll take my hair out if you'll take your teeth out," Ruth told her husband, promising to part with her hair extensions when he parted with his false teeth.

Watch the full debate on YouTube.

Joe and Eamonn get their own back

Stacey and Ruth have had plenty of opportunities to tell stories about their partners, so Joe and Eamonn jumped at the chance to share a few tales of their own back in 2019.

Watch on YouTube.

Joe and Ruth's cheeky snog

What's the best way to prove that flirting isn't cheating?

Snog your girlfriend's colleague while you're on the panel with her husband. Sorted.

Watch the full clip on YouTube.

Eamonn and Joe play stylists

We let the duo loose in the Loose Women wardrobe department to style Ruth and Stacey for the show - with surprisingly successful results.

Eamonn's waltz with Anton Du Beke

Eamonn and Stacey have both experienced what it's like to be 'dance show widows', thanks to Ruth's stint on Strictly and Joe's Dancing on Ice skating schedule.

When their professional partners, Anton Du Beke and Alex Murphy, dropped in for a chat, Anton decided to show Eamonn what he'd been missing.

Could Anton and Eamonn take the title?

Watch the full routine on YouTube.

And finally, that 'Love Hut' debate

Would you consider buying a 'Love Hut' for those special moments with your partner?

Eamonn had some very interesting thoughts to share.

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