Three British men, all aged in their mid twenties and from East London, have been given four year jail sentences by a court in Dubai this morning.

The sentencing comes on the day a delegation from the United Arab Emirates arrives in the UK on a trade mission.

The Prime Minister will be hosting the countries President at Downing Street later this week.

David Cameron has already expressed concerns about allegations of torture relating to the case.

Grant Cameron, Karl Williams and Suneet Jeerh claim that police beat them, used electrocution and forced them to sign confessions in Arabic with guns placed at their heads.

The men were arrested after a kilo of synthetic cannabis was discovered in their rental car.

The Foreign Office has called for a full impartial investigation into the allegations of torture, saying that the matter has been raised at the highest level.

Speaking to Daybreak this morning Tracey Cameron, the mother of Grant, said a four year sentence was the best case scenario for her son.

She said, "It might sound alarming to us in the Western world but I'm absolutely ecstatic with that information".

"Short of my son walking free from the courtroom today that is the best possible news that I could be given this morning".

The human rights charity Reprieve is asking the Prime Minister to raise his concerns about the case directly with President Sheikh Khalifa.

It is unlikely though that this will happen, despite Mr Cameron's worries about a lack of independent medical investigation after the three men claimed they had been tortured.