Kevin Pietersen has responded with disdain to the emergence of an England and Wales Cricket Board leaked document cataloguing his alleged behaviour during last winter's Ashes.

Pietersen spent Tuesday undertaking a marathon session of interviews to promote his autobiography, his means of defending himself after what he calls years of character assassination by "the ECB press machine".

But even as the sacked batsman was concluding his dawn-to-dark schedule with a public Q&A session in Manchester, the new document surfaced.

The document focused almost entirely on Pietersen's role in England's descent to Ashes whitewash - and its emergence on the Cricinfo website represented a significant development late in the day.

It specifies instances of Pietersen being ''disengaged'' during Flower's addresses to team meetings, another entry relating he wanted to leave the tour because of pain in his knee if England lost the third Test to go 3-0 down - which they did - and later, abusive subsequent exchanges between him and his team-mates as relationships apparently broke down.

Pietersen is unlikely to care much about the text's exact status, and said: "I heard about it in the car earlier. It is embarrassing."

One of the entries misspelled captain Alastair Cook's first name as Alistair.

Pietersen added: "They couldn't even spell Cooky's name right.

"It is a joke. I am done with it.

"It is so embarrassing I don't want to give it any thought. I am just getting on with my life."