Turkey saved from Christmas chop after learning to fly

Gobbles will be allowed to live out his days on Rectory Farm in Somerset. Credit: SWNS

A turkey has been saved from the Christmas chop after it learned to fly and hid up trees so many times the farmer decided to keep him as a pet.

The plucky bird, named Gobbles, sensed his days were numbered and began a series of daring 'Chicken Run' style escapes.

And despite being ripe for the Christmas table, he gave his owners at Rectory Farm in Somerset the run around so much they thought it was only fair to keep him.

Gobbles is now six months old but after just 12 weeks turkey farmer Oliver Matthews knew he was going to be a problem.

He said: "He came to the farm at one day old in July. Around October he kept getting out and would swoop up trees and escape.

"He just kept getting out - it was very frustrating. My granddad has been farming turkeys for 60 years and he never had one get out before.

"He has also tried to make numerous escape bids by flying over the fence. He is the turkey which refuses to be caught."

Oliver with his new pet Gobbles. Credit: SWNS

Oliver said they don't let Gobbles in the house but he is "definitely a farm feature now."

He added: "He's a very friendly bird. I don't think he noticed when all the other birds were taken away.

"He's very fat, but he is one of a kind. After his exploits we felt it only fair to keep him on the farm as a pet.

"He is such a mischievous and friendly character and will be able to spend the rest of his days mooching around the place."