Malala reveals she became a feminist after watching Emma Watson

Actor Emma Watson talks feminism with Malala. Credit: Emma Watson/Facebook

Actor Emma Watson has interviewed Malala in a video interview posted on social media in which they talk about feminism.

Malala revealed that she became a feminist after watching Ms Watson talking about the issue.

Emma Watson said she had been "really touched" by her new film He Named Me Malala because it reveals the big a role her father had played in in the Nobel Prize winner's life.

"How would you respond to anyone who said that men can't be feminists or shouldn't be campaigning for girls' rights?" Ms Watson asked Malala in the video posted on Facebook.

Malala, an activist campaigning for women's education - who was who was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban in 2012 - said: "My father has set an example to all parents and all men that if we want equality, if we want equal rights for women then men have to step forward."

The pair also discussed problems around the word feminism, with Ms Watson saying "it's wonderful when you embrace it".