Vauxhall mums start holding 'fire drills' for children as fears grow over safety of Zafira B

Car fire drill Credit: ITV News

Worried Vauxhall owners with young children have started holding car fire drills in case their Zafira bursts into flames while travelling.

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Mother-of-three Charlotte Tuddenham, from Chorley, Lancashire, told ITV News she had only learned about the spate of fires involving the Zafira B model through Facebook.

Vauxhall has issued a recall on the vehicles - but while her car has been booked in to be checked on November 28, in the meantime, she said every time she gets behind the wheel she is scared for the safety of her and her children, aged seven, five and three.

"I am very, very worried," she said.

"I know that they're recalling Zafiras for initial checks and replacement of parts, however, Vauxhall still haven't got to the root cause of the fires, and this really does knock your confidence when you're driving around small children."

That, she said, was when she decided to hold drills.

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She said:

Initially, she said, it was difficult as her children thought it was a game - and while she wanted to keep it light-hearted, she still wanted to instill the serious message behind it.

"They have to realise the importance of it - that they must remain calm, they must do it as quickly as possible, and I seem to have drilled that into them now," she added.

Mother-of-four Carina Greenham, from Presteigne, Wales, had similar fears.

Carina has had a number of problems with her car.

She initially had it checked on October 23, at which point the resistor was changed. It had to go back in as the passenger side window stopped de-misting.

She finally got it back yesterday with a new pollen filter - but she said she is still concerned.

With four youngsters - aged seven, four, two and one - she told ITV News she wants to make sure everyone would be safe in case of emergency.