Family of British businessman held in Algeria urge Foreign Office to help

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Angus Walker

A British businessman trapped in Algeria accused of corruption is urging the Foreign Office to press for his release.

Amine Khalil has been unable to leave the country for four years after an investigation into an energy company he previously worked for.

The case was closed last year and he was not charged, yet he has not been allowed home.

His wife Dorota Khalil told ITV News: "We don't have any hope anymore.

"We're just asking for help...just help us to be together again."

In 2013, the state-run Algerian energy company employed Mr Khalil to oversea a multi-million pound project.

The work was successfully completed, but months later, when back in the UK, he was asked to return to Algeria to help police with an investigation and agreed to do so.

Mr Khalil said once he got to Algeria he was taken to court and accused of corruption, being told he had to stay in the country until the investigation ended.

He said: "The investigation ended on December 20, 2015. I have never been put on trial."

The Foreign Office has been made aware of the case and the family's MP, Chuka Umunna, has written to Boris Johnson asking the department to find a solution.

However, Algerian authorities say their investigations may continue for another five years.