That press conference was all a bit odd.

Theresa May said that Donald Trump told her he is now 100% committed to NATO.

Which would be a great victory for her. But why didn't he say it?

And they both talked about working towards the trade deal she particularly wants - but there was a yawning deficit of detail on substance or even process.

'We're people persons,' Trump said Credit: PA

My favourite moment was when Trump said he was a "people person" and he was sure he would have a great relationship with May because he thought she was one too.

May, who would not be characterised by many in that way, smiled hopefully.

To be clear, this was as benign and accident-free a start to a new "special" relationship as May and her advisers could have wanted.

She did not look like his "vassal", as French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has colourfully painted her.

But nor did she look wholly confident of what he might say and when.

As special relationships go, this one is going to eccentric and riskily unpredictable.