'Haunted' Victorian railway station could be yours for £250,000

The former Chapeltown Central Station Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son

Ever wanted to have your own "haunted" Victorian railway station?

If so, you're in luck!

The former Chapeltown Central Station, complete with waiting rooms, platform and ticket hall is to be auctioned in September.

There are three different waiting rooms to choose from. Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son

The station, around six miles north of Sheffield, closed in 1954 and has been converted into a family home, but still retains many of its original features.

Auctioneer Mark Jenkinson & son said the property - listed for £250,000 - provided a "unique restoration opportunity".

The current owners have not reported any paranormal activity. Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son

As well as retaining many of its original features, the property consists of three bedrooms, six rooms in an adjacent building and almost an acre of land.

The property sits on almost an acre of land. Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son

While it has been reported that the property also comes with a ghost, this was not listed on the auctioneer's website and Adrian Little from the company told the BBC that the "current owners never reported any paranormal activity".

Local legend has it that the ghost of one or more people killed during an air raid in the Second World War while they were loading Churchill tanks on to the railway track, haunts the property.

Despite some appearances, the station has not been open to passengers since 1954. Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son

The original station opened in 1854, but a larger one was built and opened in 1877. It was part of the former South Yorkshire Railway’s Blackburn Valley line between Ecclesfield East and Westwood, and was closed to passenger trains in 1954 and to goods trains in 1987.

The property contains many of its original features. Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son
The property is said to present a 'unique restoration opportunity'. Credit: Mark Jenkinson & son