Children orphaned and feared missing in final days of ISIS located by ITV News

Seven young children who were orphaned and feared missing when their Swedish parents were killed during the final days of Islamic State's caliphate have been located by ITV News.

The children, aged between one and eight years old, are been treated by Kurdish doctors in a hospital and at a nearby refugee camp in north-east Syria.

It is unclear how they were able to leave Baghouz, the final patch of ISIS territory, during the group's last battles for control of the town in March.

ITV News visited one-year old Muhamed Skråmo in hospital, where he is being treated for malnutrition. A Kurdish official confirmed his six brothers and sisters were safe nearby.

One of the children was tracked to a Syrian hospital, albeit malnourished. Credit: ITV

Their father, Michael Skråmo, was one of the most prolific propagandists in ISIS and appeared in videos released by the group appealing for other Europeans to travel to Syria and join the organisation.

Skråmo moved to Raqqa, then the de facto capital of the Islamic State, in September 2014 with his wife and four children. His wife, Amanda, gave birth to three more children whilst living inside the so-called caliphate and was killed there earlier this year.

Skråmo's family in Sweden had appealed to the pair to allow their children to travel home, or to let the children escape without them.

Days before his death, Skråmo's mother urged him, via a series of WhatsApp messages shown to ITV News, to allow the children to escape.

"'Please Michael, let the children...'"

"...let the children go so they'll be in safety," she wrote.

Responding with heart emojis, he replied: "I'll contact you, Mum, when I'm out. Inshallah."

The children have been located after it was thought they had gone missing. Credit: ITV

Relatives of the children are urging the Swedish Government to safely repatriate the youngsters. But a spokesperson for the foreign ministry in Stockholm warned that the case presented "a major challenge" because three of the seven siblings were born in Syria, not Sweden.

"The children's perspective is central to the Government," said the spokesperson.

"We are analysing the situation for children in the region and can state that it is complicated, both in legal and security terms."

Three of the children orphaned and feared missing in Syria. Credit: ITV