Donald Trump's singular betrayal of the Syrian Kurds is of Biblical proportions

President Trump’s foreign policy appears to be based on the persuasive powers of the last foreign leader he spoke to.

Fantastic for President Erdogan of Turkey who has just persuaded Mr Trump that the Stars and Stripes should step aside and stand idly by as his forces crush our allies, the Syrian Kurds.

In terms of historically noteworthy betrayals this is right up with Cain and Abel.

I admit I am a big admirer of the Kurds. I like the way they adhere to a culture rather than a religion. I like the fact they are not misogynists. I like the fact they like and want to mimic us.

Kurdish women flashed victory signs as they protested against possible Turkish military operation. Credit: AP

The Americans have roughly 1,000 soldiers in Rojava, the Kurdish region in Syria. As garrisons go that’s paltry.

Their presence has been a deterrence to the Turks, ISIS, the Syrian regime and Iran. Now, if Trump follows through, all bets are off.

As the number of migrants crossing the Aegean to the Greek islands closest to Turkey increases, one wonders what the European response to the forthcoming Turkish invasion/incursion of northern Syria might be?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened military action in Syria. Credit: AP

After all, Mr Erdogan has been threatening to ‘turn on the taps’ again if the EU doesn’t support his establishment of an occupation zone in northern Syria.

The Kurds lost 10,000 men and women fighters eradicating the physical IS Caliphate in Syria. Alongside them were American, British and French forces. Above them were US Air Force, RAF and many other warplanes.

Now the Americans are pulling out the rug on the Kurds, selling them out. Who else in the administration thinks this is a good idea?

Israelis and Saudi Arabians should take note. It seems Mr Trump is reliably unreliable.