'A warrior, she wanted to change the world': Professor pays tribute to London Bridge terror attack victim Saskia Jones

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent John Ray

A University professor has paid a touching tribute to her "incredible and warrior" former student, Saskia Jones, who was killed in the London Bridge terror attack.

Colleen Moore, Deputy Head of Humanities and Social Sciences at Anglia Ruskin university, told ITV News: Saskia was "someone who she wanted to be like".

She said: "She was incredible, a warrior, she had a vision, she wanted to change the world, and also she wanted to make the world a better place, she already did before she even left university."

Ms Moore's comments came as vigils were held in London and in Cambridge to remember those who were fatally stabbed by 28-year-old convicted terrorist Usman Khan in Friday's attack.

Ms Moore praised Ms Jones' successes including her 100% mark in her final year dissertation, saying if the university could have given her 101% they would have.

She said: "For her dissertation she analysed three years worth of helpline data and she already informed rape crisis.

"Her dissertation was for them, she made recommendations for them and they did.

"She never wasted time, she worked harder than any student that I've ever come across she got 100% for her dissertation, it was well-deserved, if we could have given her 101% we would've done."

The university course leader also joked there was one spelling mistake in her essay.

She said: "I never told her where it was, she spent a long time looking for it but never found it."

Speaking of Ms Jones' career ambitions, she said Saskia changed her mind recently and wanted to help people with the police.

She said Saskia "wanted to work on the front line to support victims and had a clear vision of what she wanted to do."

University of Cambridge graduates Saskia Jones, 23, and Jack Merritt, 25, were both killed by Usman Khan on Friday afternoon. Credit: Family handout

Ms Moore continued: "She understood what it was like to be the underdog and she felt like she had enough experience to recognise in other people what she could offer them to help them to step up.

"Compassion, understanding, she got things like no one else did she called me out on things if she didn't think that i was saying the right thing and she was always right, really right."

Speaking of how often the pair kept in touch, Ms Moore said: "She was always going to come back, she would pop up in my office, she sent me messages, I was in touch with her last week."

Ms Moore became visibly upset when she spoke of the "enormous gap" that she felt which will never go away.

A friend of Saskia, Lauren, told ITV news that she has "always been a hero".

She said that Saskia "has always been a hero, she was always helping other people."

She added: "I'm just going to miss her so much."

Another friend, James Morgans, said she "wouldn't want people to be sad".

He also paid tribute to Ms Jones, saying: "She was just a happy person, if you went in a room with her, even if you were in tears, you would leave happy.

"She had so much love to give and even to the end she was working as a volunteer."

"She was just kind, she was just so kind," he added.

Saskia Jones was a volunteer at the event and was described as having a 'great passion' for helping victims of crime. Credit: Met Police/PA