Trump lost! What now? podcast: Join us as we analyse Donald's impeachment trial and the dawn of Joe Biden's presidency

Trump lost! What now?Having finally got an answer to the question 'Will Trump Win?' the ITV News podcast team have been focused on the fallout - through historic exclusive reporting on the frontline of the US Capitol riots all the way to Impeachment and the Inauguration.

After months of profiling the rise of Donald Trump's extreme loyalists and conspiracy theorists on the podcast, Washington Correspondent Robert Moore secured the world's only reporting view on the frontline as they stormed inside the US Capitol.

Now, with Trump out of office and facing a blockbuster Senate trial, Robert and former White House staffer Laura Schwartz - who guided Bill Clinton through impeachment - give presenter Daniel Hewitt their expert views as the presidential baton passed - more than a little begrudgingly - to Joe Biden.In the latest episode the team give their verdicts on Inauguration Day itself - while our own commander-in-tweets Fred Dimbleby is also on hand to analyse how the end of the Trump era and the start of Biden's term is playing out on social media.

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