Trump lost! What now? podcast: Join us as we analyse the state of America and Donald Trump's future power plays

Trump lost! What now?Having finally got an answer to the question 'Will Trump Win?' the ITV News podcast team have been focused on the US election fallout - through historic exclusive reporting on the frontline of the US Capitol riots to another Impeachment trial and now beyond.

After months of profiling the rise of Donald Trump's extreme loyalists and conspiracy theorists on the podcast, Robert Moore secured the world's only reporting view on the frontline as they stormed inside the US Capitol.

Now, with Trump out of office but victorious in a second Senate trial, Robert, US Correspondent Emma Murphy and former White House staffer Laura Schwartz give presenter Daniel Hewitt their expert views on where the high drama has left America - and answer the perpetual question: what now?In the latest episode the team react to a surprising poll which points to a clear potential successor to the ex-president from within his own family - but have voters backed the wrong Trump horse?Plus Robert reports on his trip to meet the people who are undoubtedly making America great, while our resident 'commander in tweets' Fred Dimbleby gets a little sidetracked by President Joe Biden's Twitter punctuation.Listen below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.