Meet the teenagers on a mission to save rare frogs, turtles and lizards from extinction

  • Video report by ITV News Midlands reporter Ben Chapman

Two teenage boys are using a back garden to breed rare frogs, lizards and turtles to save them from extinction.

Harvey Tweats and Tom Whitehurst, both 17, are spending much of their free time during Covid lockdown restoring lost species to Britain's ponds, lakes and wetlands.

Some of the animals are so rare they haven't been seen here for thousands of years.

The pair have 120 animals from species extinct or virtually extinct in the UK.

Harvey said: "I'd love for my children to be able to be kept awake at night by the sheer noisiness, the orchestrated chaos, of frogs calling all through the night."

He added: "Our generation are really questioning the authorities that be, the people in charge, the people who are making a negative impact and saying that we don't deserve this."

Once their new breeding centre is finished, the two boys hope to have more amphibians and reptiles than Chester Zoo.