Edinburgh Zoo welcomes adorable Gentoo chicks which can be seen on 'penguin cam'

Watch adorable Gentoos on Edinburgh Zoo's penguin cam

A city zoo is celebrating the arrival of nine adorable gentoo penguin chicks - weighing just as much as half an avocado each.

Staff at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo will keep a close eye on the new arrivals as the first month is critical for them.

The first two eggs hatched on May 1 to parents Muffin and Mittens and it is hoped more chicks will emerge in the coming weeks.

The chicks can be seen on the zoo’s penguin cam Credit: RZSS/PA

Gentoo chicks weigh around 98g when they hatch, which is equivalent to half an avocado.

Edinburgh Zoo is home to more than 100 penguins from three species – king, northern rockhopper and gentoo.