Fake bank statements and a handwritten note from Diana: See the evidence given to BBC Panorama interview inquiry

Lord Dyson’s investigation into how Panorama obtained their interview with Princess Diana has found journalist Martin Bashir breached BBC rules by mocking up fake bank statements, which were shown to Earl Spencer, Diana's brother to gain access to the princess.

The bank statements suggested people were being paid to keep Diana under surveillance, as Bashir encouraged Earl Spencer to persuade his sister to meet him.

Here is a look at the key evidence seen by Lord Dyson:

Documents falsely suggested individuals were being paid for keeping the princess under surveillance.

One of the fake Natwest bank statements.
Another of the mocked up bank statements.

A letter, which was included as evidence in the report, written on official Kensington Palace stationery and signed by Diana, says she consented to the interview “without any undue pressure and have no regrets concerning the matter”.

Bashir admitted to mocking up the bank statements in 1996. Lord Dyson said Bashir had engaged in “deceitful behaviour” in a “serious breach” of the BBC’s producer guidelines.

A Martin Bashir statement regarding the interview written in 1996.
Bashir's statement continued.
Bashir's statement.