Robert Peston: Data shows infections high among double vaxxed for those aged 40 to 79

Credit: PA

As someone who has just got through Covid-19, I wondered how rare I am to have contracted it as a double vaxxed person.

According to new data from the government’s Vaccine Surveillance Report, in the age group 40 to 79, the overwhelming majority of those infected have been double vaxxed (see below).

I was surprised by what looks like high prevalence among the double vaxxed.

And, according to leading scientists, at least part of the explanation is that “vaccine efficacy is not as good as we would like for the Delta variant”.

Now it is important to remember that severe disease is considerably less common among the vaccinated infected than among the unvaxxed.

But I am surprised these statistics have received so little attention and have occasioned so little debate.

If the return to school leads to a renewed surge in England, and data from Leicestershire and Scotland suggests it may, we face a rough autumn - and hospitals may again find themselves under serious pressure.