'Bounty return scheme' launched for 'most hated chocolate' in the Celebrations tin

The humble Bounty bar is always the chocolate left at the bottom of the Celebrations box. Credit: PA

There are many things you can be certain of during the festive period, and one of those certainties is that the humble Bounty bar will always be left behind in a box of Celebrations.

The statistics even back this up - 52% of Brits voted Bounty as their least favourite chocolate - the Maltesers Teasers was the top pick.

But households across the country do not have to let the coconut-filled chocolate treat go to waste any more.

Bounty is the country's least favourite chocolate from Celebrations boxes, a survey said. Credit: PA

As the 'Bounty return scheme' has been launched from January.

Haters of the chocolate bar can return the Bounty bars from their Celebrations tins and exchange them for Maltesers in select stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Mars has launched an advert to accompany the new return scheme, featuring what it calls two Christmas "outsiders": its Bounty bars, and Brussels sprouts.

In the advert, a Brussels sprout - one of the most divisive items on every Christmas menu - starts a friendship with the Bounty bar, a fellow Christmas outcast.

The official Celebrations Twitter account posted the advert, with several companies responding.

Iceland supermarket responded: "Bounty, you've melted our hearts".

Vita Coco - a company which makes coconut drinks - replied to the Twitter post: "Always a home with us for a #LonelyBounty".