Plane makes 'lowest ever' landing at island airport as tourists look on

Landing filmed at Skiathos Airport, plane passes just above tourists. Credit: Instagram/greatflyer_official

A large crowd watched on as a Wizz Air flight flew over the perimeter fence at Skiathaos Airport in Greece, almost within touching distance.

Members of the public who had gathered to watch jets touch down on the Greek island may have got more than they bargained for as the plane hurtled past them

Footage captured by YouTube channel Greatflyer shows the plane approaching the island landing strip over clear blue waters.

The closer the plane gets, it becomes clearer to those in attendance that the plane is attempting to touchdown.

Just clearing the perimeter fence at the airport, onlookers can be seen with a mixture of expressions on their faces including excitement and shock.

As dust from the road is kicked up by the planes engines, a number of people motion to get out of the way of the incoming flight.

The footage led some viewers to dub it as the "lowest ever landing" caught on film.

The airport at Skiathos has a particularly short runway due to the layout of the island, forcing pilots to approach at a lower postion than they would at other landing strips.

In recent years it has become a go-to destination for plane watchers who want to get as close as possible to jets as they come in to land.