'The Beast' is resurrected in Sutton

Chris Darling (Cambridge Triathlon Club) finishes 1st in the Sutton 'Beast' 10K race Credit: ITV Anglia

Scores of athletes and fun runners descended on the Cambridgeshire village of Sutton-In-The-Isle near Ely as a popular event was resurrected at the weekend.

The Sutton 10K is locally known as 'The Beast' because of the terrain covered along the route. It was first staged in 2000 as part of the village's Millennium celebrations, but restored to the Cambridgeshire road running calendar after a year's absence.

In later years the event was re-named the Tony Robinson Memorial Run, in honour of its organiser who passed away.

The 10K and Fun Run (the 2K mini-Beast), part of the Sutton Feast Week, attracted almost five hundred runners to the village.

See the start of the Sutton 2K Fun Run plus the first three home in the Sutton 10K race, known locally as 'The Beast'.