'My mummy isn't going to heaven': The moment Tiffany Youngs' daughter found out she wasn't going to die

It's been a remarkable four years for Tiffany, Tom and Maisie Youngs.

In 2014, Tiffany was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, shortly after giving birth to her daughter Maisie.

She told me she felt unwell with a cold and a cough, and was informed by doctors she needed an x-ray.

It was from this, she found out she had cancer.

Tiffany and Tom are now cherishing every moment they have as a family Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tiffany began chemotherapy a month later, but it didn't work. She tried a number of stem cell transplants and clinical trials over the four years, but last year she was given the devastating news that her cancer was terminal - the news nobody can prepare themselves for.

Doctors told Tiffany she had between four weeks and one year to live.

She started to plan for the end of her life, including leaving letters for her daughter and organising her own funeral.

The hardest part for Tom and Tiffany was having to tell Maisie, who was three at the time, that "mummy was going to heaven".

Hearing how that conversation went was utterly heartbreaking.

"We were all in the bedroom, and I said Maisie come and sit on mummy's lap. And she went "yes mummy?"

"I just said, "you know mummy hasn't been very well, and mummy lost her hair, well unfortunately mummy has got to go to heaven. Then I started to cry, Tom got upset, Maisie burst out crying, but I think it was shock of seeing me explaining it. But yeah that was a very, very, very hard conversation to have with your daughter."

Tiffany and Tom met at school in Norfolk Credit: Family photo

Tiffany became really ill and lost all strength in her body after a long and gruelling process of chemotherapy.

But, despite not even being able to walk down the stairs, she kept going and wanted to make the most of the time she had left with her family and friends.

Earlier this year, Tiffany was given the news that she never ever expected.

After falling ill, she went to hospital and was told she would need a scan. The results came back and her consultant confirmed the unexpected - she was in remission.

"I was absolutely shell-shocked", Tiffany said.

"I rang Tom and I told him to put me on loudspeaker. Then the next thing was I told mum and Tom and they were just amazed. Then I rang my dad, and I think he dropped the phone. It was a moment I won't ever forget."

This was the highlight of the interview for me.

As Tiffany was explaining the moment she told her family the extraordinary news, she was beaming with joy. You could see and feel a sense of pain, relief and happiness in both Tom and Tiffany's faces.

"When we had to tell her (Maisie) the really good news, I luckily got to do that", Tom said.

"All I remember was the best moment was when I took her to school the next day and she ran to all her teachers and school friends and just went, "my mummy isn't going to heaven anymore." It felt like the weight of the word had come off your shoulders."

Tiffany found out she had cancer shortly after having daughter Maisie Credit: Family photo

When the stem cell treatments didn't work, Tiffany changed her diet, started to use a cosmodic machine and tried alternative cancer treatments.

After doing a lot of research she started to take cannabis oil.

"I can't be 100% sure exactly what cured me. I can't 100% put my hands up and say it was the cannabis oil. I would definitely say it had a big effect on me, especially for the pain.

"I was literally waiting to die, I had nothing to lose and I didn't want to give up hope. I wanted to have that family time with my husband and daughter."

Tiffany is hoping to write a book about her journey with cancer Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tiffany says she is now taking each day as it comes and is enjoying making memories with her family and appreciating every moment they have together.

The family have just come back from a holiday - the first time they have been able to relax and go away since Tiffany's health has improved.

Tiffany is definitely back to mummy duties, making sure Maisie was occupied with her dolls throughout the interview.

She his now planning to return to work as a beauty stylist with My Showcase and hopes to write a book about her four year journey with cancer, in the future.

She's also started a fundraising page for the charity Bloodwise and is hoping to raise £2,000 and awareness of Hodgkin's lymphoma.

All smiles now for the Youngs family Credit: ITV News Anglia

This has to be one of the most fascinating and memorable interviews I have ever done. It was an absolute privilege to meet and interview the Youngs family.

They were honest and humble, and have such a close-knit bond as a family.

To think that could have been broken apart is devastating, but to see them all together just shows you never know where life is going to take you, and to cherish every minute you have with your loved ones.

Tiffany says it was her daughter that kept her fighting through her battle with cancer Credit: Family photo

Forty thousand people are diagnosed with blood cancer every year in the UK.

It is the fifth most common cancer in the country and the third biggest cancer killer.

Advice and support on Hodgkin's lymphoma: