Coronavirus death toll in the Anglia region reaches 5,000

The latest official figures have revealed that more than 5,000 people in the Anglia region have now died with coronavirus.

Week by week the death toll is still falling according to data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

In the week ending 15th May, 329 people in the Anglia region died with Covid-19 which was the lowest weekly total for seven weeks.

The ONS produces the most authoritative information based the registration of deaths and death certificates. However, because of the time it takes to process the paperwork, there is a lag before the numbers can be released. The ONS releases new data each Tuesday.

The number of people dying with coronavirus in the Anglia has been declining each week for a month. Credit: Data from the Office of National Statistics

According to the Office of National Statistics, 4,745 people have died in the Anglia region with coronavirus since the start of the pandemic until 15th May.

The Care Quality Commission also collects information regarding residents who lose their lives in care homes. In the week to 22nd May, the CQC says 88 people passed away in care homes in the Anglia region.

Each day, the NHS also reports the number of people who died in the region's hospitals. Since 16th May until 24th May, 179 patients have died in hospitals in the Anglia region. That includes patients who has a positive test for coronavirus or where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate.

Combining the figures raises the region's total death toll from the illness to 5,012 although that number will need be confirmed in future analysis by the ONS.

NHS staff carry out coronavirus tests at a testing facility in Lincolnshire. Credit: PA Images

According to the Office of National Statistics data, nearly three-quarters of the people who have died with coronavirus in the Anglia region passed away in hospital.

A fifth of people died in a care home.

  • 3,466 deaths in hospitals (73%)

  • 1,034 deaths in care homes (22%)

  • 164 died in their own home (3%)

  • 60 deaths in hospices (1%)

  • 21 deaths elsewhere (

The number of new cases of coronavirus confirmed by positive tests are also still falling in the Anglia region.

On Sunday and Monday, the number of new cases was less than 100 on each day. The average number of new cases each day in the past week has been 106.

Up to 9am on Monday 26th May, there had been 15,718 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Anglia region.

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