Police launch investigation into 15 suspected coronavirus deaths at a Northamptonshire care home

Police have launched an investigation Credit: ITV Anglia
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Police have launched an investigation into the deaths of residents in a care home in Northamptonshire struck by coronavirus after 15 people died in eight weeks.

The majority of the deaths at Temple Court care home in Kettering are believed to have been caused by Covid-19.

Concerns have also been raised about the standard of care provided to them after staff too became ill.

The families of those affected may have to wait months for answers, while police investigate whether any criminal act has taken place. The company that runs Temple Court, Minster care group, told ITV Anglia that on March 19, the home was believed to be free of Covid-19,

Over the following six days, 15 residents were received into the care home from the NHS, and on March 28th the first resident died of the virus.

By the 15th May there had been 15 deaths - twelve of them confirmed or suspected Covid-19.

Staff too were affected by that outbreak, including the home manager.

The company itself admits it "became over-whelmed" by an "extremely challenging situation" which affected "the quality of care" and residents were moved to other care homes.

The Care Quality Commission, the body that regulates and inspects care homes, said it had serious concerns and has carried out an inspection - the results of which are due to be published soon.