First baby Eurasian beaver born in Norfolk in 600 years

A baby Eurasian beaver has been born in Norfolk for the first time in 600 years.

The baby, known as a kit, was captured on camera at Wild Ken Hill near Heacham, where two pairs of beavers were reintroduced last year. 

Wildlife experts say the birth is a significant step in restoring the species to our region.

Lloyd Park at Wild Ken Hill said:

Two pairs of beavers were introduced at the 60 acre enclosure near Heacham last year, but it wasn't clear if they would breed after lockdown delayed their initial introductions.

The project was to help Wild Ken Hill increase its biodiversity as beavers create habitats that other species like to use too.

They've transformed the area, creating natural flood defences that hold onto water when it's wet and release it when it's dry.

The beavers were reintroduced last year Credit: ITV News Anglia

Lloyd Park said:

Wild Ken Hill isn't the only beaver enclosure in our region celebrating new arrivals.

At Finchingfield in Essex, the Spains Hall estate welcomed two more kits in May, its second litter in as many years.

Beavers have between 1 to 4 kits in a single litter.

In Heacham it's suspected that the new kit might have a brother or sister not yet detected.

More camera traps are being deployed across the site in the hope they'll soon discover more.