'Human Library' event held in Norwich

Human Library
Human Library events are held all over the world Credit: ITV

Volunteers representing diverse communities have been sharing their stories at the Forum in Norwich over the weekend - as part of an event to combat prejudice.

Organiser Katy Jon Went set up a 'Human Library' where people are the books.

Anyone wanting to know more about someone's identity could take out on loan one of the available 'books' for a half an hour conversation.

It's hoped that asking questions in a safe space will help educate people, challenge prejudice and improve social cohesion.

Katy Jon Went the UK Co-ordinator at Human Library said:

"It really is an opportunity to have an interactive conversation to get us to go through and beyond our initial judgements, our prejudices, our biases, or even just our ignorance. That's really the benefit of the human library for people."

Organiser Katy Jon Went at the Human Library event in Norwich Credit: ITV Anglia

The Human Library project is a not-for-profit organisation that holds educational events all over the world.

The next Human Library event in Norwich will be held on April 10, 2022.