Scotland's clans descend on Edinburgh Castle

Clansmen and clanswomen marched to the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle Credit: Stripe Communications

Edinburgh saw a landmark moment in Scottish history today when more than 30 clansmen and women marched to the city's castle.

It's the first time Scotland’s clans have been welcomed into the castle since the Highland Clans lay siege to it during the Jacobite uprisings in 1745.

The gathering was organised by The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is celebrating its own ties with the Scottish Diaspora this year.

Clan members were treated to a guided tour of the medieval surroundings of the Great Hall where their ancestors once attempted to gain entry to, courtesy of Edinburgh Castle’s Governor, Major General Mike Riddell-Webster, and hosted by The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The event is being heralded by historians as the latest iconic tale from the colourful history of Scotland’s clans folk.

During the Tattoo’s August extravaganza, the military showcase will champion the theme Splash of Tartan, a series of events that will encourage people living in Scotland and those with a link to Scotland to explore their ancestral connections with the country. In the opening ceremony of each evening, Clan Chiefs will lead their clan folk on to the Esplanade to the awaiting Tattoo crowd.

The event was attended by Dumfries & Galloway's Sir Malcolm McGregor, Convenor of the Scottish Council of Standing Chiefs.