Plans for a west Cumbria coal mine have been approved

Credit: West Cumbria Mining

An application for a coal mine in west Cumbria has been approved by Cumbria County Council.

The decision was made during a meeting with Development Control and Regulation Committee in Kendal.

West Cumbria Mining will extract coal in a new underground mine located on a brownfield site - south west of Whitehaven.

"Today marks a very important milestone in out journey to a world class mine in Cumbria and is the Culmination of five years of hard work and determination by the WCM team to realise our vision". Woodhouse Colliery will bring significant local benefits to Whitehaven, Copeland and Cumbria in terms of jobs and investment. I am proud to be part of something which will have such a positive impact on the local community and the economy as well as the long-term financial benefits the mine will bring to the UK".

Mark Kirkbride, CEO of West Cumbria Mining

Once Woodhouse Colliery starts operating, around 2.5 million tonnes of metallurgical coal, which is a low per year is expected to be extracted to supply into the UK and European steel-making coal plants which currently import 45 million tonnes per year from USA, Canada, Russia and Australia.

As part of the planning application Trudy Harrison, MP Copeland who supported the proposals says Colliery is not just an industrial renaissance but it represents a new chapter in history.

This project will greatly enhance the employment prospects of our area, with 80% of direct opportunities going to local people and 1000 jobs created through the supply chain.

Trudy Harrison, MP Copeland

Construction begins in six months, and will take two years to complete.