A walker and his dog had to be rescued from a Cumbrian fell after the terrier became too cold and tired to carry on.

The man had been walking the Cumbria Way from Keswick to Caldbeck when the nine-year old dog refused to go any further.

They had just gone past the Lingy Hut and were walking towards High Pike in the Caldbeck Fells.

At first the man attempted to carry his dog but found it too tiring and so they both got colder and colder.

The man was able to get himself and his canine friend back to the Lingy hut for shelter and called 999.

6 members of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were out for 2 hours Credit: Keswick Mountain Rescue Team

Six members of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team set off from Mosedale Mines to meet them at the hut not knowing how big the dog was.

With visions of Great Danes and Rottweilers and wondering if they would need to call in more team members to stretcher the dog off the mountain the team said they "were pleased to find a small and easily portable, cold, shivering terrier."

The team were pleased to find the dog was small and portable Credit: Keswick Mountain Rescue Team

It took the team two hours and ten minutes to rescue the pair and one of the team drove them back to their accommodation in Caldbeck.