Cumbria's NHS staff praise public's helping hand

NHS staff in Cumbria have thanked members of the public for all of their support during these unprecedented times.

Workers from the West Cumberland Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary told ITV Border that the weekly applause is keeping their spirts high and motivating them to carry on.

Here's what the Clap for Carers event means to them:

Alex, who is an A&E nurse working in the Cumberland Infirmary, said: "The response for the clap for carers has been incredible.

"It has given me the motivation to get through this, and I know we can get through this together."

The physiotherapy team for the same hospital shared the same view, they said: "It’s been really uplifting and it’s been keeping us going through these trying times."

Two nurses from the West Cumberland Infirmary said: "Words can’t describe what a heartwarming gesture this actually is for us

"And we know that our NHS family here at West Cumberland all feel the same.

"You make us feel like we’re doing something special, but to us we’re simply doing our job. Thank you."

Sarah-Jayne is a staff nurse in the infirmary, she said: "We’ve found it quite overwhelming that so many people have joined in and taken partto thank us all for all of our hard work.

"It just shows how much community spirit we really have."

Katie, who is a staff nurse on intensive care at the Cumberland Infirmary, said: "Tough times don’t last and better days are coming. Stay safe everyone and thank you for keeping us going."

Thank you to all of the NHS workers who took time out of their days to record these special messages.

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