Reports of possible Hemlock Water Dropwort Roots washed up in Silloth

Hemlock water dropwort roots can be extremely toxic to animals and humans. Credit: Maryport Coastguard

Reports have emerged of possible hemlock water dropwort roots washing up in Silloth.

The Maryport Coastguard has posted on its social media warning dog owners to be vigilant when walking in the area.

Sometimes referred to as poisonous parsnips or dead man’s fingers, the plant can be extremely toxic to both humans and animals.

The coastguard posted a statement saying: "If you think your dog may have come into contact or ingested any 'poisonous parsnips' it is advised to seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible.

"These plants also pose health risks to humans if physical contact is made so caution is advised at this time."

It went on to explain that the recent stormy weather may have unearthed and uprooted these plants before washing them ashore.