The fightback against internet trolls who targeted man after girlfriend's death

Jason was tormented by internet trolls after his girlfriend's death

A man from Holmfirth is fighting back against internet trolls who pounced on him following his girlfriend's accidental death.

Jason Booth's bedroom is a shrine to the love of his life he lost one day last summer.

Grace Dyson was just 18 - she and 21-year-old Jason had planned a life together. But Grace died in the most tragic of circumstances - in an accident on Springwood Road - just yards from Jason's' home.

We were just walking down the road like we normally would and my umbrella got stuck on the wall which made me fall into Grace and Grace fell into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Jason Booth

By sheer co-incidence the van under which Grace fell was being driven by one of her uncle's.

But a coroner has now ruled that Grace Dyson's death was just an accident which no one could have foreseen. Jason though was targeted by internet trolls both before and after the inquest.

Straight after the accident there were comments online blaming me for it. There was one saying they were going to kill me. There were some saying was too much of a coincidence so there must have been some foul play in it.

Jason Booth
Jason is now fighting back against the trolls

Now, Jason has produced a special online video - hitting back at his critics - telling them how much their comments have hurt him

The video - put up less than a week ago - has already been viewed more than fifty thousand times.

I just felt like I had to do something to make these people realise that they are not invisible behind their keyboards and they cant just get away with typing what they want all the time.

Jason Booth

Jason's message to those who taunt others online is simply think before you click: