Hannah Hauxwell dies aged 91

Hannah Hauxwell has died aged 91 Credit: Editorial

Hannah Hauxwell, a retired farmer who took part in a number of Yorkshire Television documentaries including 'Too Long a Winter', has died aged 91.

She lived alone in an isolated farm in North Yorkshire with no electricity or running water when she first came to public attention.

TV crews first followed her in 1972 showing how she she tended cattle in severe weather, living and sleeping in one room and drank from a local stream.

After 'Too Long a Winter' was aired audiences were moved by the conditions she lived in and her determination to ensure the cows were fed and well looked after.

She did four series with Yorkshire Television Credit: Editorial

Yorkshire Television was inundated with calls from viewers wanting to help Hannah and she received donations from all over the world.

Following the success of the initial series, cameras returned to her farm 20 years.

As her health and strength then began to deteriorate, Hannah sold the farm to live in a nearby cottage.

In later documentaries she was taken on her first trip outside the UK. 'Innocent Abroad' saw her travel around the rest of Europe and America.

Calendar viewers last saw her on screen marking her 90th birthday in 2016.

You can watch the 'Too Long a Winter' documentary below: