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Humberside police creates online report portal for people not social distancing

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Humberside Police has created an online reporting portal where people can send details of those not following social distancing rules.

A form can be submitted advising of gatherings that are going against the current guidance. At the moment, due to the coronavirus outbreak, people have been told not to go out in groups of more than two people and only to leave their homes to shop for necessities, to exercise or to travel to and from work.

The force says the portal has been made in response to an increase in the number of calls to its non-emergency 101 number following the government’s announcement earlier this week around new police powers to disperse groups.

Reports will be assessed based on the information provided and we would ask people to please consider the circumstance before making their report.

For instance, if a couple and two children are seen in the park, it’s highly likely they are all from the same household and are taking the opportunity for their one form of exercise of the day, which under the guidance is allowed.

However, if there is a group of ten people of the same age gathered in a car park, it’s more likely they are not from the same household.

We will not be able to deploy officers to every single report of social gatherings that contradict the Government’s advice and dependent on the information within the report will determine our response.

However it may be some of the reports are referred on to our partner agencies, our Local Authorities for example, who could take further action to stop gatherings in certain places.

– Chris Philpott, Humberside Police

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