Reclaim the Night movement began in Leeds when the Yorkshire Ripper was at large

The Reclaim the Night movement which began in Leeds during the Yorkshire Ripper's reign of terror helped to change the way the authorities deal with violence against women.

The first march was in Leeds in November 1977 and was a response to women being urged to stay indoors after dark because a serial killer was at large.

Al Garthwaite took part in the first protest.

That was partly what fuelled our anger and rage, that in effect there was a curfew on women but not on men.

Cllr Al Garthwaite

Julie Bindel lived in Leeds at the time and was followed by a man fitting Peter Sutcliffe's description the day before he killed student Jacqueline Hill, his last known victim. Her experience prompted her to begin a lifetime of campaigning.

Sutcliffe destroyed lives, ended lives and changed lives. I was one of those women whose life was changed.

Julie Bindel, Feminist campaigner