Vaccines given to over-80s in Sheffield hospitals are among first in the world

Anthony Moore who received first vaccine
Among the first: Anthony Moore

Some of the first Coronavirus vaccines in the world have been rolled out across our region.

Six NHS Trusts are involved in the initial programme, including in Sheffield and Lincoln. Vulnerable people aged over 80, as well as care home workers, will be the first to receive the jab.

The vaccination programme got underway first thing at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals trust. Among them 83-year-old Trixie Walker - who welled up at the thought of seeing her grandchildren again.

Retired bricklayer Anthony Moore, who received the vaccination along with his wife Janet, said it felt like 'winning the pools'. The 82-year-old said the couple hadn't left their house all year.

Dr  David  Hughes, Medical Director Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, described today as the 'best day' since the Pandemic started and that it brought with it a 'real sense of hope'.

However, Dr Hughes did stress caution was still needed.

The first vaccinations are being given to care home workers and those over 80 who are in hospital or have an appointments.

Any spare appointments will go to key NHS workers. The wider rollout - to also include GPs and pharmacists as more vaccines become available - is expected to last until at least next spring.