Rother Valley MP calls for Lord Ahmed to be stripped of peerage after guilty verdict

Alexander Stafford said it would be "absolutely and categorically unacceptable" for Lord Ahmed to keep his peerage. Credit: House of Commons

The MP for Rother Valley has called for former Rotherham peer and ex-Labour Councillor Nazir Ahmed to be stripped of his peerage after he was found guilty of the attempted rape and sexual abuse of two children.

Lord Ahmed was charged with two counts of attempting to rape a girl under 16, the indecent assault of a boy under 14 and the rape of a boy under 16.

Although Lord Ahmed resigned from the House of Lords, departing peers retain their titles for life despite no longer having access to parliament or debates.

Although Lord Ahmed resigned from the House of Lords, departing peers retain their titles for life. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Alexander Stafford said "there is no getting away from the fact that this paedophile is in possession of a peerage and this is absolutely and categorically unacceptable."

The disgraced former peer was charged along with his two older brothers, Mohammed Farouq, 71, and Mohammed Tariq, 65, but both were deemed unfit to stand trial.

His two older brothers, Farouq and Tariq faced charges of indecent assault in relation to the same boy that Lord Ahmed abused, with the jury also finding they did the acts alleged.

Alexander Stafford added: “The focus today needs to be on the victims of this sick abuser and their decades-long fight for justice. I thank them sincerely and wholeheartedly for their bravery and persistence and I welcome this verdict.

I will be speaking to my colleagues in the Department of Justice to ensure that this individual is not allowed to continue to hold a peerage, which would be an insult to his victims. In the meantime, I would encourage everyone who agrees with me to sign my petition calling for the immediate removal of Ahmed’s peerage.