150,000 households in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire risk missing out on £150 council tax rebate

People who don't pay for their council tax by direct debit will not automatically apply for the £150 rebate. Credit: PA

Nearly 150,000 households in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are at risk of missing out on the government's £150 council tax rebate, analysis by ITV News has found.

Around 20 million homes in council tax bands A to D across the country could benefit from the £3billion rebate – announced by the government to help families with rising energy costs.

People who pay by direct debit will receive the rebate directly into their bank accounts from April.

But those who use another payment method have to make a claim – and could miss out if they fail to do so.

Tens of thousands at risk of missing out

The government's financial watchdog, the Office for Budget Responsibility, estimates that around 80% of households who do not pay by direct debit will actively make a claim for the rebate.

But that still leaves tens of thousands of households in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who are expected not to claim and therefore lose out.

In each local council area in the region, the number of households at risk of losing the rebate are as follows:

  • Barnsley: 6,993

  • Bradford: 12,796

  • Calderdale: 5,612

  • Craven: 1,372

  • Doncaster: 8,635

  • East Riding: 8,636

  • Harrogate: 3,302

  • Hull: 7,802

  • Kirklees: 10,975

  • Leeds: 20,161

  • Lincoln: 2,789

  • North Kevestern: 3,010

  • NE Lincs: 4,588

  • North Lincolnshire: 4,576

  • Richmondshire: 1,030

  • Rother: 2,035

  • Rotherham: 7,296

  • Scarborough: 3,342

  • Selby: 2,110

  • Sheffield: 14,728

  • South Kevestern: 3,620

  • Wakefield: 9,706

  • York: 4,805

In Hull, the council's Liberal Democrat group has raised concerns about households who may be particularly vulnerable.

Group leader Cllr Mike Ross said: "I worry for those who are older and less well-off who are likely to be disproportionately impacted by this because they don't pay their council tax by direct debit."

How to make sure you get the rebate

If you don't pay your council tax by direct debit but you are eligible, you will have to make a claim.

Councils can set up their own claims process, but they should include an offline option, such as assisted applications over the phone.

Alternatively, you may want to speak to your council about setting up a direct debit to pay your bill.