Constituents urge Rishi Sunak to remember Richmond community as Prime Minister

In entering Downing Street, Rishi Sunak becomes the first Prime Minister from a Yorkshire constituency to take office.

But by taking on the top job, he now has the whole country to look out for, not just the people of Richmond.

Mr Sunak has held the North Yorkshire seat since the general election in 2015 and since then he has twice visited the Dales Centre in Bedale, which provides support to the elderly.

Manager Daphne Wilson said: "He was just lovely, so natural, a true gentleman. He just came in and just made himself so welcome and talked to every individual."

Daphne Wilson from the Dales Centre in Bedale wants Rishi Sunak to not forget communities in Richmond as he become Prime Minister

The last time Mr Sunak visited, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Daphne says it is vital politicians in high positions still make the time to visit their constituencies.

She said: "It's really important because they come and get a feel for what we do for the community and some of the elderly have not a lot of social activity in their lives and they can come and have a meal and he thought that was really good. It was really nice for him to see what we were doing for the community.

"I think I would still like him to think about the people in the communities and not just the people in higher societies. That there are people struggling with the cost of living."

Mr Sunak faces the huge challenges of soaring inflation, industrial unrest and a £40 billion shortfall in the public finances.

But people in his constituency hope he can still make time to prioritise their issues as their representative in Parliament.

Northallerton is Mr Sunak's home town, where Patricia Shaw runs the Beau Cocoa chocolate shop.

She thinks the area will benefit from having a Prime Minister for an MP.

She said: "It's good the fact that a lot of people know him so he feels that they're more approachable. It's good the fact that we can speak to the Prime Minister and refer to him as Rishi."

Patricia Shaw, who works in a chocolate shop in Northallerton, thinks his new role as PM will be good for the area

And she says Mr Sunak would be welcome to visit the high street in his new role:

"I think that would be good for Northallerton, it'd be good for our business, I'd be happy to see him."

The Leader of North Yorkshire County Council Car Les said he is not worried Mr Sunak will leave his Richmond roots behind.

He said: "Very few weekends go by that he isn't with us opening a village fete, going to a local school on the Friday etc.

"So I don't have a worry about that except that we do know that his diary is going to so much more crowded so we'll probably see less of him but we certainly won't see nothing of him."