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100 Years of Bollywood: the stars, the culture and the fashion - full report

Commemorating 100 Years of Bollywood... Photo: ITV News Central

All this week, ITV News Central has been marking a centenary of Indian cinema and how it has influenced the Midlands. That impact on the region's communities, the fashion and food has steadily grown over the past thirty years.

In this report, we see how Bollywood has become an established part of British culture.

Other highlights

  • As migrants from South Asia and East Africa moved to the Midlands, the demand grew for Asian entertainment, resulting in specialist cinemas only showing Bollywood films. The Natraj Cinema in Leicester was one of a handful scattered across the city, of which Hitesh Pujara has fond memories...
  • Shropshire actor Paul Blackthorne talks about the 2001 hit Lagaan and what it was like to work with legendary actor and producer Aamir Khan
  • Bollywood inspired musicians right here in the Midlands. Stereo Nation's Taz, from Coventry, got his big break after his music was plagiarised by industry producers.
  • Meet Bollywood extra Dharminder Shoker from the University of Leicester who made his silver screen debut...
  • ...and Mike Simpson, who was left on the cutting room floor!

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